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Individuals and organizations involved in the design and implementation of the handbook

The Tourism co-creation handbook was created within the ERDF-project “Integrated Tourism Product Development” 2008-2011.

The handbook was co-authored by:
José-Carlos García-Rosell (University of Lapland), Mika Kylänen (University of Lapland and Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences), Kirsi Pitkänen (Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences), Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä (Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences), Anna Vanhala (University of Lapland). 

The development and implementation of the handbook was also possible through the participation of:

Researchers and experts:
Hanna Baas (LEO), Minni Haanpää (University of Lapland), Sanna Kyyrä (LEO), Vesa Markuksela (University of Lapland),  Eija Raasakka (Project Manager, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences), Jaana Sirkiä (St. Lapland), Sanna Tarssanen (LEO), Anu Valtonen (Project Research Leader, University of Lapland).

Partner companies:
Arctic Reindeer, Arctic SnowHotel, Lapland Safaris, StaffPoint, Upitrek and Eräsetti WildNorth

International partner organizations:
Croatia: Hotel Kolovare, Maslina i Vino Polača, VenEvent, University of Zadar, and Zadra business development organization.
Austria: Bio Hotel Stanglwirt, Cable Car Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Hotel Furgler, University of Innsbruck, Management Center Innsbruck, Meran Marketing, Murmliwasser, Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Tirol Werbung, and Touriseum.

We are very thankful to all participants and their organizations as well as to the experts who commented and tested early versions of the handbook.


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