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International researcher visits

The visiting scholar program at MTI aims at creating a dynamic and international atmosphere for our researchers and students at all three educational institutions that make up MTI.

There are three different classes of visiting scholars:

  • Visiting professor: comes to us for a month or more and teaches parts of our core curriculum.
  • Visiting academic: visits us for about a week or two and gives guest lectures, or a “tailor-made” intensive course that is offered to our students as part of their studies.
  • Visiting researcher: visits us to be part of a research project together with academics at MTI – time spent here depends on the research project and its needs.


What we can offer visiting scholars depends on the context the person would come in. Funding is challenging in Finland like all over the world, but the government is rewarding us for specific internationalization processes, and we can thus negotiate packages that might include accommodation, per diem, lecture fees, and in some instances travel assistance – but each of these are on a case-to-case basis. There are also certain EU funded projects that we are involved with, and some of them have resources reserved for expertise help.

New ideas are generated best in long-term collaborative relationships and MTI very much encourages researchers to create and further the regular exchange of ideas. With those international partners who are interested in long-term cooperation, we want to maintain cooperation in research and teaching both before and after visits.


If you interested in visiting MTI, please contact Paula Heikkilä, coordinator of international affairs at MTI. (email: paula.heikkila

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