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Alumni activities
Alumni activities

Alumni, keep in touch with your school!

Studies come and go before you know it and after graduation working life awaits. You then become an alumnus (male) or alumna (female) (pl. alumni/alumnae) of your school, your alma mater. The word ‘alumnus’ is Latin for protégé, foster child or student.

Alumni are important links between working life and the school. The alumni network of MTI brings together many experts in the tourism sector who are engaged in a wide range of responsibilities.

As an MTI alumnus or alumna

  • You receive information on the latest research and latest trends in tourism.
  • You can build and deepen your networks among other experts in the field.
  • You remain up to date on current events at your school.
  • You can work as a lecturer or business mentor for tourism students and contribute to developing the degree programme.
  • You can commission work from students and gain new perspectives on the different development tasks at your job.
  • You can hire trainees.

Join the alumni activities!

By joining you become a member of an extensive network of tourism experts.

You will receive

  • the MTI alumni newsletter twice a year
  • information on upcoming alumni activities and other interesting events

Sign up as an MTI alumnus or alumna using the online form. Membership is free

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