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About us

Internationality is part of our daily routine

Internationality is a natural facet of everything we do at MTI. It comes into play in teacher and student exchanges, in international internships and in projects carried out with international actors.

Active in international networks

MTI is an internationally attractive partner in education, research and project activities. The unique structure of the organization and its positive attitude towards internationalization have been acknowledged in many educational institutions and research organizations abroad.

MTI has wide-ranging contacts for student exchanges globally. The Institute’s component institutions are members of the following exchange networks, among others: Erasmus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Magellan and North2North.

MTI also has its own network of international partners. We always engage in cooperation in several different areas, for example, in both teaching and research and development or with both the local university of applied sciences and university. Depending on the intensity of the cooperation, partnerships vary in nature from casual contacts to strategic partnership. A strategic partnership entails regular, reciprocal exchanges involving groups or individuals or established cooperation in R&D. Two of MTI’s institutions, the Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lapland, are members of the UArctic network.

A site to be seen for students and experts in tourism

MTI places very close attention to hospitality. We would like our international visitors and students to feel welcome and we are happy to offer them help in dealing with the challenges of everyday life when they are with us. Lapland is a safe and inspiring destination for any student, expert and professional in tourism.

Internationality as a focus of development 

MTI works steadily and in a variety of ways to improve internationality. For example, it enhances the visibility of the Institute’s internationally; and builds, maintains and improves its international network; and strengthens its know-how through international activities. Every member of staff and every student incorporates internationality into his or her work and studies as resources and skills allow. Being international is everyone’s business!

Further information
Paula Heikkilä
Coordinator, international affairs
Tel. +358 (0)40 710 6421
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