Bear's Den Seminar, 2nd of December 2013 (Multidimensional Tourism Institute) 

Time: Tue 2nd of December 2013, at 10 am - 4 pm

Venue: Bear's den, in the woods outside urban area

Organizer: Tourism Safety and Security network of Finnish Lapland/Multidimensional Tourism Institute, in cooperation with Finnish Ministry of the Interior

Aim: The purpose of the Bear's Den Seminar is to discuss about tourism safety and security as part of tourism quality. It is also a forum for international cooperation in the field. The event is organized in co-operation with The Arctic Cities in the Spirit of Rovaniemi Process –conference (2nd-4th of December 2013).

The language of the Bear's Den Seminar is English.

Topics to be discussed:
• Tourism policies of European Union
• EU, national and regional aspects in tourism safety development (Finnish Lapland as a case)
• International cooperation to enhance tourism development
• Tourism safety in the Arctic 

Registrations to the Bear's Den Seminar no later than 31st of October 2013! Registrations via e-mail to Mr. Niko Niemisalo,

The Bear's den Seminar is organized in cooperation with the international "In the Spirit of Rovaniemi Process" conference (2.-4.12.2013). The conference includes a session in 3rd of December entitled as "Tourism in the Arctic" where the question on sustainability and safety in tourism industry are discussed. The session is co-organized with Tourism Safety and Security System and Arctic Centre. "In the Spirit of Rovaniemi Process" -conference participation requires registration, and registrations to the conference are made to the conference's web-pages, see:

More information about "Tourism in the Arctic" session is available in Call for Papers that is available here (p. 5):

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