Information security as a research theme is a significant factor in the security of digital business operations in the tourism industry. Indeed, digital business operations can be considered to cover all business transactions that take place online. Information security is a natural part of day-to-day business operations and processes. Overall management of digital business operations leads to a good level of information security. Customer information, information management, and services based on customer identification have become a part of the ordinary information society (Salminen 2009, 19). This research theme takes into consideration the many levels of information security, from data protection to secure Internet trade. The Information Security Guide contains tips for safe Internet use.
Legislation related to information security:
Personal Data Act
Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications
Act on Preventing and Clearing Money Laundering.

Individuals should be asked for their permission when their personal data are collected. In addition a company’s / organization’s Internet pages should contain a register or data protection description explaining what data are being collected and for what reason. The appropriate form is available on the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman’s Internet pages: Registered person’s rights.

Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences’ eLVa (Training program to enhance competence in digital business operations) project has collaborated with Lapland’s Tourism Safety and Security System’s network during the eLVa project. For example, a lecturer for the "
New information – welcome to first aid!" training was obtained through the network.

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Additional information:
Päivi Hanni-Vaara,
Multidimensional Tourism Institute,, tel. +358 40 710 6397
Mirva Tapaninen,
Multidimensional Tourism Institute,, tel. +358 40 527 6270

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