Actions taken against human trafficking include measures against illegal immigration and human smuggling in the EU. Increasing know-how in this area is a focal point in developing the European Union’s internal safety and security. In the tourism sector, the Human trafficking research theme is important because tourism and people’s worldwide mobility are phenomena that help make human smuggling possible. Tourism employees are often the so-called first responders in human trafficking cases.

It is important to root out those who are involved in human smuggling and human trafficking in the European Union and globally and to eliminate related organized crime.
Primary actors are the Ministry of the Interior, the police, immigration authorities, and the ombudsman for children in Finland. International functionaries include the European Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Department, Interpol, OSCE, and the UN.

Other publications:
OSCE’s pages
US State Department
report (2014)
Internal safety strategy (2010)

National and international networks and projects:
COMBAT project – fight against Human Trafficking (University of West London, Oxford Brookes, Ratiu Foundation, Lapland UAS, MTI), funding: Targeted call, DG Justice, and Home Affairs (begins in September 2014)

Additional information:
Niko Niemisalo, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, MTI,, tel. +358 40 183 4440

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