Food safety in Finland is at the highest level in the world. For instance, salmonella and listeria statistics indicate that the entire food chain is well controlled. No other country—with the exception of the other Scandinavian countries—comes even close to this level. Finland exceeds the minimum requirements set by law, which is exceptional and an excellent asset for marketing, for example.

Actors in Finland’s food chain are the authorities, producers, and companies. Competent machinery and equipment manufacturers support the food chain as well as research and development.

In Lapland’s tourism, food safety guarantees successful tourist experiences. Lapland is a region of long distances where the significance of logistical chains and uninterrupted cold chains is emphasized. The increased popularity of local foods—such as the demand for reindeer meat—also necessitates good food safety.

Photo: © Lapland’s Tourism Safety and Security System 2012

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Safer Food, better business: Food safety
development intitiative proposed by SMEs in England.

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