Accessibility refers to environments and services that are suitable for and accessible to all users.Accessibility in tourism has attracted much worldwide attention in recent years, because accessibility is appreciated and needed by many different groups of people in the tourism sector, also. Forethought is necessary in accessibility issues so that products and services are initially designed to be easily modifiable for special groups. Accessibility should be developed not only for those who are physically disabled, but also to provide mental and cultural accessibility.                                                                                                   ISAPA 2009 Junan tasonosturi.jpg

The European Network for Accessible Tourism ENAT defines accessible tourism as providing all people equal possibilities to travel independently, enjoy adventures, receive needed and desired services, and obtain understandable, reliable information related to the trip. A person with limited mobility and functional disability is not able to travel, move around, and participate in various activities as independently as possible if tourist destinations and areas are not accessible.
Primary national actors are organizations for the disabled, Lapland’s advisory board for services for disabled people, and the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities. At the international level, accessible tourism is being developed by the European Network for Accessible Tourism ENAT.




 Photo: © Pauliina Tykkyläinen and Jaana Huovinen

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