Tourism Foresight in Teaching, Research and Development Activities at the MTI

MTI and Lapland’s Tourism Industry to Strengthen Co-operation

The Foresight as a Competitive Advantage for Tourism in Lapland project serves as a means to promote interaction and communication necessary to facilitate collaboration between tourism’s practitioners, researchers, and educators.

The following are examples of the project’s actions to promote foresight knowledge at the MTI: 
Teachers at the MTI are invited to participate in tourism foresight sparring
The project gives expert consultation to teachers to realize student workshops such as the Weak Signals in Product Development workshop
Foresight is included in each degree programme at Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
Assignments for thesis dealing with foresight 

Integration Ensures the Continuity of Tourism Foresight at the MTI 

The aim of these actions is to enhance the tourism foresight knowledge and know-how of the MTI’s staff and students as well as to create models to continue working on tourism foresight after the project. The integration work is always planned and carried out with the intention to produce material to the Tourism Foresight Database or to support other project activities. 


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