Tourism Foresight Is One of MTI's Strategic Focuses in its Activities

At present the Multidimensional Tourism Institute is conducting two projects to meet the growing need for tourism foresight information. 

The Finnish Network of Tourism Foresight and Collation of Foresight Knowledge project maintains, activates, and develops the work of the Finnish Network of Tourism Foresight. The core task of the project is to distribute tourism foresight information. The foresight network consists of tourism regions, tourism businesses, educational institutes of tourism, research institutes, and other actors in the field of tourism. 

Foresight as a Competitive Advantage for Tourism in Lapland (financed by ERDF) boosts foresight knowledge and proactivity in Lapland’s tourism industry. The main objectives are to gain and apply foresight knowledge generated by tourism actors and based on regional needs. The knowledge gathered through the Finnish Network of Tourism Foresight is also disseminated to Lapland's tourism industry during the project. The target groups of the project are tourism entrepreneurs, regional tourism organizations, and tourism developers in Finnish Lapland. The foresight knowledge and know-how gained through the project are diversely utilized in the teaching, research, and development activities of the MTI and LUC


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