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Pro gradu thesis: Exploring emotional labour in tourism

Pro gradu thesis: Exploring emotional labour in tourism

Employees in tourism retail business in Rovaniemi seem to face different problems, compared with those reported in previous studies in English-speaking countries.

This was one of the main conclusions of Elena Skrebneva’s master’s thesis,
concentrating on the costs and benefits of emotional labour. A narrative
approach was used to explore lived experiences of six workers
in two tourism retail enterprises in Rovaniemi.

The results of the study suggest that tourism firms in Rovaniemi do not impose
precise rules or frameworks for emotional behavior. Hence, instead of being
overburdened with emotional behavior requirements, tourism workers are
unaware of what is expected from them.

Elena Skrebneva: Exploring Emotional Labour in Tourism – A Narrative Research.

The supervisor of the thesis was Professor Antti Haahti. Master’s theses of Tourism

Research are available online at Doria
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