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Esittely / Ajankohtaista / Open seminar: Hospitable Ethics in Tourism Academia 7-8 December 2017

Open seminar: Hospitable Ethics in Tourism Academia 7-8 December 2017

Doctoral Supervising Scheme in Tourism Studies at University of Lapland warmly welcomes everyone to an open one-day seminar. We shall discuss the notion of Hospitable Ethics in a range of different contexts of travelling, tourism, hospitalities and mobilities. Through different contexts we investigate matters that are both ontological and practical, methodological and ethical. In terms of everyday life in tourist destinations, these issues have direct and indirect links with social and ecological carrying capacities of places, communities and nature environments. How can tourism grow without destroying the reasons for travelling nor for being hospitable? What is the role of scientific and local knowledge in taking sustained care of responsible tourism?

We are honoured and pleased to introduce three special guest lecturers who have all contributed to the development of tourism research, teaching and development in our university.

Jennie Germann Molz, Associate Professor of Sociology, from College of the Holy Cross, United States, has visited us as Fulbright Scholar in spring 2013 and acts as a Scientific Advisor for MTI. Johan Edelheim, Director of Norwegian School of hotel management, at University of Stavanger, has acted as the director of MTI for five years and turned it into a thriving research community. Emily Höckert, Postdoctoral Fellow at Linnaeus University, has written an internationally acknowledged doctoral thesis on ethics of hospitality soon to be published also by Routledge. The other speakers will be the hosts of the event, Associate Professor Outi Rantala, and Professor Soile Veijola, along with a group of master’s students who have tackled with the issues of ethics of knowing about tourism in their studies this fall. The working language will be English. We wish to thank Graduate School, HaiLa-project, and MTI for financial support of the event.

If you wish to converse with our guests and us at more length, you are welcome to celebrate the event with us at Dinner downtown on Thursday evening. More info on the evening event later.


Thursday, December 7
Venue: Eelin Sali (LS19)
Chair Outi Rantala

8:45–9:15 Coffee & Snacks
9:15–9:25 Opening words / Soile Veijola
9:25–10:30 Emily Höckert / Hospitality as Means and Goals of the Study
10:30–11:40 Jennie Germann Molz / Ethical Relations in Network Hospitality
11:40–12:45 Lunch break (own cost)
12:45–13:50 Johan Edelheim / Axiological Underpinnings to Hospitality, Tourism and Ethical Research
13:50–14:30 Soile Veijola & Students / On Ethical Epistemologies of Tourism Knowledges
14:30–15:00 Outi Rantala / Ethics of Simplified Outdoor Living Tactics
15:00–15:20 A Round of Closing Words

18:00 Communal Dinner Downtown

Full seminar program

Looking forward to inspiring and engaging seminar with a lively audience,

Doctoral Supervising Scheme in Tourism Studies, MTI
Outi Rantala, Soile Veijola and Heli Ilola

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