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Master thesis: International tourists’ satisfaction with Hanoi tourism requires better managing

Master thesis: International tourists’ satisfaction with Hanoi tourism requires better managing

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi boasts itself of a rich culture, historical and traditional values that draw attention of many foreigners. There is enormous potential for tourism development, but the city still cannot attract as many tourists as expected due to the monotonous tourism services and products.

According to master thesis of Phuong Giang Quach there is lack of synchronization between the government sector and private sectors in Hanoi tourism development to attract foreign visitors. By better planning and managing of tourism activities it is possible to maximize both visitors’ satisfaction and profitability of tourism enterprises, and at the same time sustain natural resources in the long term.

The foreign tourists expected to gain a lot of difference experiences on their trip to the city and they were quite satisfied with their trip. Generally, most elements of the Hanoi tourism attributes are appreciated. The main reason tourists choose Hanoi as a tourist destination was the diversity of its cultural and historical values, the various elements of its tourism products and services, the hospitality of locals, and so on.

The guests were very impressed and pleased with, for example, the local performances which make them better understand the Vietnam culture. The most critical issues that received negative comments were personal safety and security, sanitation issues, infrastructure and transportation, and taxi driver and sales staff attitudes that do not live up to their expectation.

The study was conducted to explore the relationship between the international tourists’ initial expectations and their perceptions to examine their (dis-)satisfaction level with the current tourism destination attributes in Hanoi. The survey questionnaire investigated the opinions and feedback from 246 foreign tourists who visited Hanoi in summer 2012. The face-to-face interviews with seven tour operators were conducted to gain insights into the problems and contribution of their current business toward Hanoi tourism and international tourists to the city.

The supervisor of the thesis was professor Antti Haahti.

Master thesis of Phuong Giang Quach “Examining international tourists’ satisfaction with Hanoi tourism” (Tourism Research/EMACIM Studies, University of Lapland) is available online at Doria:

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