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Lots of international visitors at MTI in March

We will enjoy the knowledge, the co-operation and the wonderful company of tourism experts from Portugal, Japan, Belgium and United States in March. Also Lapland Tourism College will have interesting students visiting from Iceland this month.

Professor Pedro Bezerra, from Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, will be visiting MTI in 15 -17.3.2016. He will give a course on the topic of "Tourism and sport in natural environment - a north of Portugal case" (1 ECTs).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kiho Yaoita from Center for Advanced Tourism Studies, Hokkaido University, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akiko Tashiro will be visiting University of Lapland and MTI in 21-23.3.2016. Together with Prof. Daniela Tommasini they will give a course on the Topic of "Heritage conservation and poverty reduction through tourism" (2 ECTs).

Griet van Boxstael from PXL Hogeschool in Belgium will give lectures on “Touroperating” and “Attraction parks, hospitality and accomondation”. During her visit (21.-24.3.2016) she will also visit few companies with study groups of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Professor Joseph S. Chen from Indiana University is visiting MTI in 21.-23.3.2016. He is looking for new collaborations in Arctic Tourism research and collecting information about sustainability and climate change.

There will be also four students visiting Lapland Tourism College from Iceland School of Tourism at Kopavoguer College. These students are doing their on-the-job learning in local companies at Rovaniemi 19.3.-9.4.2016.


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