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New insights, contacts and skills from joint courses

Studying tourism research has been interesting and has opened up new perspectives for me. I enjoy the fact that the courses are varied and that you can choose either a university course or, if you want, a course being run together with the University of Applied Sciences. You always learn something new on these joint courses and get to see a range of teaching methods at work. You also get to know new people. Studying with people who have different educational backgrounds is useful if you think about the future, too, because you will often need the same cooperative skills you learn on the courses when you are in working life.

When you study at MTI you can take courses from the University of Applied Sciences or the Tourism College. I took the Check in - Check out module at the Tourism College and the content of the course was a positive surprise to me. The course work consisted of several lectures and a short, 35-hour period of training at a hotel. Although this was short, I found it very helpful because I had the chance to do the tasks that had been mentioned in the lectures. The module was interesting and useful because I had no previous experience of working in a hotel. The course did a good job of combining theory and practice. The best thing about the cross-selectable courses is that everyone can choose courses that suit them best and will be most useful to them. This course work makes it easy to broaden and strengthen one’s own competence. I had no trouble fitting the course schedule into the schedule for my other studies and the teachers were flexible, for example, where the dates of the training period were concerned. In joint and cross-selectable courses you easily see and experience slightly different ways of learning and this helps you broaden your own know-how and professional skills.

Milla Uustalo began her studies in tourism research at the University of Lapland in 2011.

Milla Uustalo