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Joint studies

Development project studies

At MTI it is possible to complete the components of many courses in line with the principles of project pedagogy and with tourism students from other institutions. Our students respond to project assignments from the community – working life – and build up the skills required by their qualification. We make every effort to put together a team that is appropriate to the task, represents expertise in a range of fields and can best enhance the skills of students with different educational backgrounds.

Demanding development projects and lighter project tasks

In practice, there are two kinds of project studies: rather demanding development projects and various, less challenging practical project tasks and project implementations.

In development projects, students learn to generate ideas, plan and cost projects as well as to analyse and draw up the related reports with the aim of developing some segment of business operations. Guidance of development projects is centralized. The assignments are gathered together and all those who will be carrying them out study together on the same course. The face-to-face classes are attended by all students even though the implementation of the projects occurs independently in 3-5-person groups. Registration for development projects takes place twice a year as a rule. Instructions on how to register can be found in the development project notice (appears on the right-hand bar of links during the registration period).

In addition to development projects, students may participate in a variety of practical tasks which are also counted as project studies. These include tasks such as staffing the information table at an event or arranging a cocktail occasion. Practical tasks become available throughout the year and students are always recruited for them separately. Coordination of practical tasks is the responsibility of Lapland UAS but students from Lapland Tourism College and the University of Lapland may also take part in them. In order to take part, please get in touch with the contact person mentioned in the recruitment notice.

Credits are granted for working in projects and are entered in the student records at Lapland UAS. After this, approved studies may be counted towards a degree at the Lapland University or Lapland Tourism College.

  • For students at Lapland Tourism College, all project studies are located in elective parts of the degree in a manner agreed with the student’s HOPS (Personal Study Plan) adviser.
  • At Lapland UAS, development project studies are components of the students’ degrees. Practical project tasks are included in the elective studies for the degree.
  • At the University, development project studies can be included in subject studies in tourism research, and practical tasks in minor subjects.


Please take a look at the project studies on the list of links to the right. Notices of starting projects and practical tasks will also be sent out via email.

You may ask Project Coordinator Minna Sipponen for more specific directions (firstname.lastname@lapinamk.fi, tel. +358 40 679 0431).

Current projects