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Joint studies

Guest lectures

MTI receives frequent visits by experts in tourism who give lectures in their own fields of expertise. The Institute also arranges seminars and events dealing with current affairs in tourism. Additionally, tourism-related seminars are organized at other schools within the Lapland University Consortium and in the secondary-level institutions.

Students are encouraged to take part in as many guest lectures and seminars as possible in order to gain a comprehensive picture of tourism as a field.

Students have a possibility to receive credit towards their degree for participation in guest lectures and seminars. A written report is required in addition to attendance in order to receive credit.

Directions on how to complete courses in this form can be found in the attachments to this page. Completed courses can be included in a module as agreed with the teacher-tutor at Lapland UAS, for example R801M34A Seminars and Symposia, or in elective courses such as the University courses YMAT1219 Special Issues in Tourism Studies or YMAT1220 Current Issues in Tourism.

Students at secondary level may also complete credits in keeping with the directions for doing so. The courses completed are recorded as electives. The courses function as a good orientation to continued study at the tertiary level.

You can find the upcoming guest lectures and seminars on this page.

Credits can be earned in all of the events mentioned. If you find some other interesting seminar or lecture, which you think would be suitable as a guest lecture but is not listed on this page, please inform Mikko Vehkaperä. We will determine whether the event is suitable as a guest lecture and add it to the page if it is.

The page mainly lists lectures and seminars being held in Rovaniemi. If you wish to complete credits by attending events organized elsewhere, please contact the teacher in charge at your school.

Teachers in charge:
Henna Yli-Huikku (LTC)
Teacher-tutors (Lapland UAS)
Heli Ilola (University of Lapland)

Schedule of visists