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Joint studies

Cross-selectable courses


Our cross-selectable courses offer our students an opportunity to expand their special know-how by taking part in a tourism course that is offered at another MTI institution (the University of Lapland, Lapland UAS, LTC) and that has been designated a cross-selectable course. Cross-selectable courses are open to all MTI students.

The courses designated ‘cross-selectable’ have been chosen as such precisely because they add to the course offerings of the MTI institutions. For example, a university student may enhance his or her practical skills on an LTC course on the topic. Or a student at LTC can attend a course at the University to gain some theoretical background for the practical skills he or she is working to acquire. Lapland UAS, for its part, offers all students courses that seamlessly combine practice and theory.

Cross-selectable studies also function as a good bridge for continuing one’s studies to the next level: not only do you get to see what courses are like at other academic levels but you complete parts of a possible future degree in the process.



Students can complete certain courses as such at the other schools in MTI. Efforts have been made to make schedules for these courses that will allow as many students as possible to participate in them. Teaching on cross-selectable courses is always organized in accordance with the curricula and teaching practices at the host institution. You receive more detailed directions and schedules when you register for the courses.

When you have completed a course, you can include it in your degree. Please see more detailed information on course credit on the subpage.


Registration and studying

Studies offered in spring semester 2017 are open for registration during 28.11.2016-1.1.2017! See more info from registration site.

After registration you receive more detailed information on completing the studies. After you have finished the course please provide the student services/the office at your own school with a transcript of successfully completed courses to get the credits registered in the system. The student's path from registration to credit transfer is illustrated in the picture below. 




Cross-selectable courses in academic year 2016-2017

(Only the courses taught in English are listed here. Courses given in Finnish can be found on our Finnish web pages)

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

R801D20A Profitability Planning and Finance in Tourism 5 op (together with group  R81D15S)
Schedule: is coming as soon as possible
• Financial statement analysis
• Pprofitability, financial stability, short-term/long-term operational measures
• Cost management issues
• Profitability planning (CVP analysis)
• Setting a price (VAT)
• Responsibility accounting and budgeting
• Working capital management.
Pedagogical arrangements
• Lectures, workshops, case studies, learning assignments, seminars
• Contact lessons appox. 40 hours
• Group and individual work 95 hours.
• The study unit is closely linked with Tourism Product Development and Pricing - study unit.
• The pricing of a tourism product is based on a commission from tourism industry.
Principals of assessment:
Attendace, active participation in lectures, workshops and seminars.
Learning assignments and/or exam.


University of Lapland   

YMAT1211 Cultural and Social Studies of Tourism 5 cr
Schedule: 13.3. 12-16 o´clock, 20.3. 12-16 o´clock, 27.3. 12-16 o´clock, 10.4. 12-16 o´clock and the concluding seminar 27.4. klo 12-16 o´clock
After completion the course the student is able to
• use the perspectives of sociology and cultural studies for understanding the social, cultural, and ethical meanings related to tourism, travelling and other mobilities and hospitalities both locally and globally
• make critical judgements of tourism development and business solutions
• be creative in the field of social and cultural innovations related to the tourism industry.
Cultural and social studies, academic pedagogy, authenticity, indigeneity, identity, class, sports, the body, gender, hospitality, work, leisure, community, event, dwelling, design, neighboring, conclusion, tourism studies, politics.
Multiform teaching and learning in class and in Optima: Lectures (16 h); independent and guided studying and writing assignments; a learning diary (115 h); a closing webinar (4 h).
Active participation in discussions and small class assignments, an individual written assignment on the chosen theme and its presentation in the concluding seminar.

YMAT1220 Current Issues in Tourism 1-10 op
This course includes short courses. More details behind this link.

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