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Natural contacts with different nationalities are a crucial aspect of the skills of any professional in tourism. During your studies at MTI, you will have a wide range of opportunities to develop your international competence, since being international is part and parcel of our everyday work. Get to know exchange students here or spread your wings and travel abroad yourself as an exchange student or to do a placement! Our projects also offer numerous opportunities to hone your international competence.

Going on an student exchange

If you are interested in going abroad as an exchange student, start planning in good time! The actual time when you go abroad is determined by the programme you’re in, but often it takes place in the second or third year of study. University students may spend an exchange period abroad even at later point in their studies.

Placement exchange

A placement exchange means that the placement forming part of your programme is completed abroad. The popularity of this option is increasing steadily and why wouldn’t it? Working abroad is always a fantastic experience and looks good on your CV! The periods which LTC students spend abroad are often precisely placement exchanges.

International studies

In order to become more international, you don’t necessarily have to go “farther than the sea to fish”, as the Finnish saying goes; you can also study internationally in Rovaniemi. For example, the University offers a number of modules taught in English which you can take as a minor. Some of the courses for the major in tourism research are also in English. Another option is to apply for a wholly English-medium degree programme – either a master’s programme at the University (TourCIM) or the Bachelor of Hospitality Management (DPT) programme at the University of Applied Sciences. Students in these programmes study to some extent with Finnish students, so teaching in English is routine at the University of Applied Sciences as well. If you want, you can first complete a lower university degree in English and then apply to the University or continue your studies in English to the master’s level. On top of this, MTI has a steady stream of international guests who lecture or give short courses in their own areas of expertise. These guest lectures are available to all MTI students and you can get credit toward your degree for attending them (see Guest lectures).

Café Lingua

Café Lingua is a meeting place for all those interested in improving their practical language skills. Café Lingua gets together at Café Linna in the centre of Rovaniemi (Lordi Square, Koskikatu 14-16). Everyone is welcome to join who is interesting in practicing their Spanish, Italian, German, Nordic languages, Russian or Chinese skills in informal discussion with native speakers and other students of the language. The schedules and contact persons can be found here.

Friendship programme

The University of Lapland and Lapland UAS organize a friendship programme for international exchange and degree students coming to Rovaniemi. The programme offers locals the opportunity to get to know international students and other languages and cultures. By the same token, the programme gives exchange students a chance to get to know Finnish culture and ordinary life locally. The international offices can provide more information.

Student tutors

Students at the University of Lapland and Lapland UAS may act as student tutors for international exchange and degree students coming to Rovaniemi. As tutors they help foreign students coming to Lapland with many practical matters when they arrive. The tutors meet the students, help them in practical matters, such as housing, banking and registration, and help introduce the students to local culture and social life. The international offices can provide more information.

Further information
Paula Heikkilä
Coordinator, international affairs
 Tel +358 (0)40 710 6421