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Cross-selectable studies

Choose tourism studies from the other institutions

The Multidimensional Tourism Institute offers you a unique opportunity to study the areas of tourism, catering, and the home economics across the borders of educational institutions and degree levels!


You may expand your special skills by taking any of the cross-selectable courses available at the University of Lapland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, and the Lapland Tourism College. In particular, cross-selectable studies contain courses that complement the supply of each educational institution.

For example, university-level students can upgrade their practical skills by taking suitable courses at the Lapland Tourism College. Or, college students may deepen their knowledge through university-level courses. Lapland University of Applied Sciences offers studies that seamlessly combine practice and theory to all students.

Cross-selectable studies also enable one to continue studies at the next educational level: by taking the studies the student will already have completed parts of his/her next degree.


Students may complete studies in the other educational institutions according to a joint agreement.  Their schedules allow as many students as possible to participate in the courses. Note that not all of the cross-selectable studies are available in English.

The teaching of cross-selectable studies is always arranged according to the curriculum and teaching practices of each educational institution. You will get more detailed instructions and schedules at registering.

Having completed your studies you can include the cross-selected studies in your degree. Go to the subpage for further instructions on credit transfer.

Course descriptions

Use the links on this page to see the course requirements and schedules.

To see the course descriptions of Lapland University of Applied Sciences, go to the SoleOPS system and then to the degree programmes (the degree programme codes are listed below). The course schedules are found in the timetable programme using the same degree programme codes.

To see the course descriptions and schedules of the University of Lapland, go to WebOodi using the course code.

Below you can find direct links to the course descriptions.


Go to the subpage for further information on registration! Registration for studies in the academic year 2014-2015 ends on 31 August 2014! Remember to register for the entire academic year now.

Cross-selectable studies in English, 2014-2015

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

  • R801D12B Arctic Tourism and Responsible Hospitality 5 op (together with group R801D14S)
    timetable: 20.10., 3.11., 10.11., 17.11., 21.11. klo 8-12
    22.10., 5.11., 12.11., 19.11. klo 12-16
    content: Student will deal with for example understanding tourism in the Arctic context from the view point of geography, indigenous cultures, image, target groups, tourism destination as a concept and the role of DMO and other regional tourism organisations.
  • 801D13A Strategic Management 5 op (together with group 801D12)
    timetable: 12.1., 19.1., 26.1., 2.2., 9.2., 23.2. 8.15-11.45
    14.1., 21.1., 28.1., 4.2., 11.2. 12.30-16.00
    content: Students have a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s functions and performance. They are familiar with the tools used to monitor the performance and quality of functions and are able to take into consideration the information they produce in decision-making, setting strategic goals and developing business operation.

University of Lapland

  • YMAT0211 Sustainable Rural and Urban Tourism 5 op
    timetable: 4.9., 5.9. (field trip), 15.9., 18.9., 22.9. ja 29.9. klo 12.00-16.00
    content: The aim of the course is to familiarize students with sustainable tourism development in urban, rural and peripheral areas and with several tools that are used in sustainable development.   
  • YMAT0223 Well-being in Tourism 5 op
    timetable: 18.5., 21.5., 25.5., 28.5. klo 12.00-16.00
    content: The aim of the course is to familiarize the student with the relationship of tourism and well-being and with the role of tourism in enhancing the well-being. 



Study Data Systems

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

SoleOPS (course descriptions)

University of Lapland


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