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Safety and security - part of competitiveness

At MTI, safety and security in tourism has been developed in long-term perspective as part of the work to create a security system for tourism in Lapland. Our know-how in this field has been recognised nationally and internationally.

MTI can offer an extensive training package in tourism safety and security that provides comprehensive readiness to understand security as a component of competitiveness and as an aspect of quality in tourism. We approach security as a complex ranging from health care to crime prevention and from protection from the cold to environmental safety.

Read more on the security system in place in tourism in Lapland here.
Examples of our products
  • Training “Assessing and Managing Risk Implications”
  • Training for three passports (occupational safety card, hygiene passport and alcohol passport)
  • Tourism security passport
  • Safety management in a tourism enterprise
  • Personal security in the service sectors
  • Organisational security
  • Information security and Russia
  • Crisis Lab: crisis management for enterprises
  • Security in event organisation


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Mirva Tapaninen
Planning Officer of Service Business
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Eila Linna 
Director of RDI
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