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What is hospitality in Lapland made of? Generosity

Duration: 1.9.2013-31.12.2014

The effective use of local colour and culture, how customers are met, events and the natural environment create positive experiences for tourists. These factors are Lapland’s strength in distinguishing itself from other destinations and achieving competitiveness. Hospitality can be seen as part of the quality a business and its services. In order to make best use of hospitality elements businesses and other actors need information on which elements make up hospitality in Lapland what the principal challenges are involved in tapping these elements.

The project will produce an analysis, the aim of which is to produce knowledge on hospitality in tourism Lapland and on the obstacles and challenges involved in using hospitality to advantage. The project targets the areas in which the data are collected and in which the knowledge gained can be applied. At MTI the results can be used in developing teaching. Indirect beneficiaries of the project are the tourism businesses and other actors who can put the information gathered by the project to good use in their own activities.

Chart the components of hospitality n tourism in Lapland: collect existing materials, carry out interviews and observations to round out the data, analyse the information, determine the challenges involved in developing hospitality.

The project will produce an analysis of the elements of hospitality in Lapland and the challenges involved in tapping using elements to advantage.

MTI’s role:
MTI is the principal executor. Lapland UAS is in charge of project administration. The University of Lapland is a co-executor.

The project is an ESF project funded by the Lapland ELY Centre; its budget is 50 000€.

Additional information:
Mirva Tapaninen, project director
tel. 040 183 2073