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Vision and tasks

Vision 2013–2016

Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) is the number one tourism and hospitality expert in the Arctic region. The Institute is a unique community of expertise in tourism. It combines all form of tourism educations on offer, academic research and demand driven services, fertilised by creative development and innovation activities.


MTI is a creative community of research, learning, and expertise that is based on cooperation and interaction between the university, the university of applied sciences, and the vocational college.

The tasks of the MTI are as follows:

(1) to conduct research on tourism
(2) to deveolop the tourism industry
(3) to provide research-based, university-level education on tourism
(4) based on research and the requirements of the working life and its development, to provide UAS-level education on tourism
(5) to provide working life-based, vocational education on tourism, catering, and economy and to develop the working life in general

MTI provides a business park environment for actors operating in the tourism and experience industry.
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