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About us / Strategy
Strategy 2013-2016

Vision 2016

MTI is the number one tourism and hospitality expert in the Arctic region. The Institute is a unique community of expertise in tourism. It combines all form of tourism educations on offer, academic research and demand driven services, fertilised by creative development and innovation activities.

Core Values

Our values form the trunk of the tree on which we base all our work: we want to practice and educate ethical behaviour in society and we want our actions to reflect the sense of community that MTI stands for.


The roots are the manner we operate in the arctic region: we aim to act with passion and appreciate the chosen vocation, emphasising the distinct features of the Arctic, and to teach this way of work to our students.

MTI’s Strategic directions


Hospitality in MTI’s view is more of an art form than purely a vocation; it highlights the fact that the professions incorporated in hospitality enterprises need a good combination of traditional skills, creative techniques, and personal commitment. This is being done with an understanding of the social, mental and emotional toll this line of service work tends to take in the lives of workers.


Responsibility for us is to enhance the vitality and well-being of society and staff whilst respecting and highlighting equality amongst different stakeholder groups.

Economic responsibility highlights the fact that Tourism and Hospitality (T&H) initiatives need to provide a financial payoff to all stakeholders in order to be sustainable.

Ecologic responsibility is the act of using natural resources in a manner that does not deplete or destroy future usage.

Cultural responsibility
is needed to reach equilibrium between traditional and global values where these are in conflict.

Social responsibility
brings to fore that T&H take place in society amongst daily life of local residents. In this realm, T&H initiates development of infrastructure, enhanced services, and better communications to be planned and carried out in a manner that simultaneously empower the local community whilst serving tourists appropriately.

Political responsibility
happen in conjunction with acts of political and economic power carried out by groups having influence over others. Political responsibility is the combined actions taken to provide a fair society where groups with less power are given voice and a chance to influence matters in which they are stakeholders.
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