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Network Partners in Lapland

The Partnership Club is MTI’s local network for cooperation whose members comprise representatives from tourism sector businesses and the Institute’s key stakeholders. The Club plays a crucial role in creating and promoting contacts between MTI and working life. In joint meetings with the Club, MTI presents the types of activities it is engaged in and welcomes feedback, assessments and suggestions for improvement.

The Partnership Club acts as a channel for representatives of working life to put forward their views on the content, focus and development of the education, research and service activities at MTI. Additional aims are to improve the Institute’s potential to anticipate the know-how needed in the tourism sector, to assist MTI in its pedagogical work, to promote the linking of courses and students’ final projects to the needs of working life and to systematize students’ traineeships. The Club also promotes visits by experts to the Institute’s component institutions.

Reports are published following each of the Club’s meetings in MTI’s current events and newsletter. Additional information of the Partnership Club’s activities is available from Eila Linna.

• Hyry Maiju, Director of External Relations, Regional Council of Lapland
• Kinnunen Katariina, Director of Economic Development, Kideve, Kittilä
• Kujala Jukka, Development Manager, Sea Lapland Development Centre
• Länkinen Ilkka, Managing Director, Santa Park, Joulukka, Pro Santa
• Parkkinen Erkki, Municipal Manager, Municipality of Pelkosenniemi
• Posio Rauno, Marketing Director, Lapland Safaris
• Seurujärvi Janne, Managing Director, Inlike Inari
• Vuopala Kristiina, Information Officer, Metsähallitus

The representatives of MTI in the Partnership Club are Johan Edelheim, Eila Linna, Tarja Tammia and Eero Korhonen.

Further information
Eila Linna
RDI manager
eila.linna(at) ulapland.fi
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