Tourists travel to their destination by train, car, airplane, bus, or bicycle. Transport safety is an important link in the value chain of tourism safety also from the viewpoint of the tourism center’s employees and the region’s inhabitants. Measures that improve transport safety involve developing transport vehicle technology, influencing attitudes of vehicle users and those who use transport routes, and improving the region’s infrastructure.

The functioning of different technical devices and services in cold climate must be taken into consideration as a part of tourism safety. One example is ensuring the functioning of off-road vehicles in all conditions. (Ryynänen 2012.) Lapland’s tourism safety and security network is currently developing the safety of off-road motor vehicles. The Road Accident Investigation Team in Lapland provides separate data on off-road accidents. The transport safety of tourism centers has been studied in a separate project.

Main actors: Liikenneturva ry, Road Accident Investigation Team, Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre, Trafi, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, Arctic Power.

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Photo: Training exercise in Kemi, September 2012. © Pekka Iivari

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University of Applied Sciences,, tel. +358 40 510 8427
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