Matkailun turvallisuuden arvoketju.jpgProducing safe tourism service requires foresighted management that integrates recognition of weak signals—such as near miss situations—into day-to-day operation. Foresight is a very practical method for implementing good risk management. Most essential is to recognize changes in the operating environment and to analyze the impact of people’s actions and technologies.

Lapland’s tourism safety and security network has utilized the considerable know-how and research in foresight in the tourism sector which has been produced by the Multidimensional Tourism Inst
itute. Safety has served as an application area for foresight work in the tourism sector, thereby proving new methodical knowledge for day-to-day management. Business, authorities, and other networks also have access to national and international foresight data resources.

Figure. Value chain of tourism safety (Lapland’s Tourism Safety and Security System project).

Lapland University Consortium publications:
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Official reports:
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National and international networks and projects:
Foresight in Tourism at the MTI (Finnish) - ennakointi (foresight)

Additional information:
Eila Linna, Director of Development, Multidimensional Tourism Institute,, tel. +358 40 735 5300.

Pekka Iivari, Project Manager, Lapland’s Tourism Safety and Security System, Multidimensional Tourism Institute,, tel. +358 400 425 784
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