The Regional Economic Impacts of Tourism 

 The study on the regional economic impacts of tourism produces foresight information. 
Indicating the importance of tourism affects the decisions concerning regional development and investments and thus the future of the industry. Foresight and the construction of the future are supported by repeating the study on a regular basis. 

Various models to investigate the economic impacts of tourism are used in Lapland as well as in many other regions in Finland. Because of the differing methods, the results are not comparable to one another. One of the main challenges of studying the economic impacts of tourism is that the profits of tourism originate from a variety of industries. 


Comparable Study in 12 Municipalities in Lapland

The economic impacts are studied in 12 municipalities in Lapland within the Foresight as a Competitive Advantage for Tourism in Lapland –project. At the same time, a new model to produce comparable information concerning the economic impacts of tourism in Lapland is developed. 

A seminar focusing on the economic impacts of tourism was held in December 2011 at the MTI. It was attended by leading Finnish experts on the topic. The actual work was started with planning in March 2012. 

The basic data comes from Statistics Finland´s Register of Enterprises and Establishments, and it is supplemented by a survey on enterprises. The survey is needed to find out tourism´s share of the turnover and personnel of enterprises. The study´s industrial classification is designed to match the target regions in Lapland and the local tourism-related enterprises. The survey was started in autumn 2012 and the results are reported in March 2013. 

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