29.4.2013 Student Integration:  Thesis about Cross-Border Cooperation in Barents Tourism
Student Mira Koskinen has done a thesis "Cross-Border Cooperation in Barents Tourism: Insights from Finnish Lapland". The aim of the thesis was to obtain a better understanding of how the tourism industry in the Barents Region could be developed through multilateral cross-border cooperation. The main focus has been on discovering the needs and expectations that the tourism practioners in Finnish Lapland have. Furthermore the thesis gives an introduction to the prevailing conditions in the Barents Regions and connects them to the historical and political frameworks affecting the current matters.
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19.4.2013 Barents Tourism Seminar - The Closing Seminar of BART project
The Closing Seminar of the International Project BART Public Private Partnership in Barents Tourism was held on 17th - 18th April 2013 in Rovaniemi, Finland. The Closing Seminar presented the outcomes of the project BART Public Private Partnership in Barents Tourism. Action plan for Barents tourism was presented which is a research and training plan for tourism development in public-private partnership cooperation.
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01.10.2012 Fourth BART project workshop and Thorvald Stoltenberg conference
The fourth BART project workshop will be held in Kirkenes from the 2nd to the 3rd of October 2012. The host organization Barents Institute is holding the 2012 Thorvald Stoltenberg conference at the same time. The BART project workshop participants will also take part in the conference, both as audience as well as speakers. Check out the conference's program here:

13.06.2012 Benchmarking trip to Montenegro and Italy
A delegation of project partners has visited Montenegro and Italy in week 23. Check out the section Benchmarking trip to Montenegro and Italy for more information.

30.05.2012 Presentations activity 2.3 and analysis activity 2.3 added to Project results section

Presentations given at the workshop in Murmansk on activity 2.3 have been added to the section Project results. In this section, check out the overall analysis of activity 2.3 results as well!

02.05.2012 Workshop in Murmansk
After a successful and work-intensive workshop in Murmansk, all partners have returned home to start work on the Action Plan. Check out the section Project results for the presentations given at the workshop.

07.11.2011 Workshop in Piteå and Boden

Tomorrow the 2nd workshop of the project will be kicked-off at Luleå University of Technology in Piteå. The project team is looking forward to a productive workshop!
You will find more detailed information on the workshop and its outcomes soon on our homepage!

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